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Street Pastors
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Street Pastors

A national initiative, Street Pastors, has been active in Worthing for the last 5 years. The essence of this initiative is to assist the 'young' and 'not so young clubbers' on a Friday and Saturday night to have a great and safe time. Street Pastors are trained to listen, care and help the clubbers through the night.

The 25+ Street Pastor team, only 3/4 will be out on any one Friday or Saturday, will seek to build working friendships with clubbers, bar staff, club and pub management in order to help the 'night' to go smoothly and safely for all concerned. The volunteer Street Pastors come from 15 different local churches and will appear on the street, in their Street Pastor garb, in all weathers. Street Pastors fund themselves  and are also supported with donations coming from churches, local community groups, the Police and Police Commissioner, local pubs and clubs, various grants etc.

Street Pastors say "We will mostly be in the background caring for the cold, the lost, the worst for wear, the lonely and those wanting street friends. We hope to blend into the Worthing night time economy and be a support to all concerned. Special thanks go out to the Pub and Club Managers, the Police, Adur and Worthing Council and Storm for their ongoing support.  We welcome working within this urban team". 

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