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"Since 1991, Link Romania has been working to make a difference in the lives of poor and needy people, in Romania and other Eastern European countries. Although the needs of the people no longer make headlines in the west, they are still as pressing as ever" Lisa Hector - General Manager

Link Romania was established in 1991 in response to the devastating television pictures that came out of Romania of the appalling conditions in the orphanges in Romania.  Volunteers from Worthing hired a truck, loaded it with aid and drove to Romania.  They ended up in a town called Iasi in the NE of Romania and there the work began.  Nicolae Ceauşescu’s brutal regime left the country impoverished and reeling from the effects of the totalitarian police state. Link Romania was established to help rebuild lives and communities.

Much has changed in Romania since then - it joined the European Union in 2007, and economic wealth has been achieved by some of the people.  However joining the EU has not alleviated the grinding poverty many Romanians still experience.

Around 30% of Romanians live below the poverty line, and Roma are around three and a half times more likely to live in poverty than other Romanians. The country has one of Europe’s highest rates of infant mortality and thousands of children still live in state run institutions.

At Link Romania we believe it needn’t be this way – we believe things can change; that whole communities and individual lives can be transformed. Which is why we work with locally run community development projects to help meet the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised people. Our key ways to beat poverty are through Education and Social Care and we fund and support a number of projects throughout the year that focus on either or both of these areas.

The need is great all over Eastern Europe and Link Romania has therefore extended its work to fund projects in Albania and Moldova.  We also delivers and distributes Shoeboxes in Bulgaria and the Ukraine.

Our projects work to get people out of the cycle of poverty – to give them a new start in life – through education and social care programmes.

Link Romania has a Christian ethos and while our faith inspires our work, we are committed to supporting people and projects of all faiths and none.

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