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In obedience to our Lord's coimmand to care for those on difficulty, the parishes of the Diocese of Chichester combine through the Association to help hurt and broken families.






Family Support Work

Family Support Work (FSW) is a Christian charity that works intensively with families to overcome difficult periods in their lives with positive emotional and practical advice through home visits and Support Groups.
KNOWLES TOOTH CHILDREN'S CENTRE provides opportunities for groups of families to relax and have fun in the heart of the Sussex countryside, away from the stress and pressures of their everyday lives.
Free and confidential support is offered to parents and carers and their children in the Sussex area. FSW have a local social worker who works with families in and around Worthing, and a local committee who supports her, and raises funds for the work of the charity.


The deteriorating economic climate is affecting many families, particularly the increase in food and utility bills, coupled with testing unemployment. Families will strive to "cover up" their problems, which creates further stress behind closed doors. Practical support of food, gifts and toys are life savers for many familes. Support is delivered un-noticed, enabling families to retain some pride and confidence in their abilirt to cope.

FAMILY SUPPORT WORK remains independent from statutary funding and constantly seeks local and national grqnt funding and depends on local committees to continue their fund raising.

Janet Waters October 2010        






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