Churches together in Sussex


Mission & Unity Co-ordinator

Mr Ian Chisnall

85 Hollingbury Rise



Phone: 07976 811654

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Churches together in Sussex

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Churches together in Sussex is the official name for the churches together in Worthing. Ian Chisnall is the current Mission & Unity Co-ordinator. 


Sussex Ecumenical Post is an information exchange between interested individuals and organisations. If you wish to have an item included in the next edition, please e-mail or post it to Ian Chisnall . Please let Ian have e-mail addresses for anyone wanting a copy of their own.

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Together is the Newsletter of Churches Together in Sussex. It appears three times a year (February June and September) with News of the Churches, Ecumenical Issues, Books Reviews and other Resources for mission. Copy to the Editor at least one month prior to publication.
News stories of church activities (300-500 words maximum), particularly where churches of different denominations are working together, are welcome, as are ideas for larger presentations on a particular theme.

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