Churches in Worthing

The church in Worthing is made up of a rich variety of churches and people that cover over fifty churches and dozens of Christian organisations. Together that makes for thousands of people in our town worshipping and serving God and people every week.

Here you can find a directory of all the churches in Worthing, telling you their address and key contacts with a nice picture or two! For churches using this website you will also find their latest news and events and some even have a twitter update! For those of you know what it means you can even follow each church through their RSS feed.

We hope this serves to give you an easy way to keep up to date with various churches or if you're looking for a church, find the best one for you. Our events page has a listing of all the events that are happening in Worthing related in one way or another to the church. You'll soon find there's a lot going on.

If you've never been to church or don't really know what it's all about then please feel free to contact us and ask us any questions. Also if you can't get to a church but would like a pastoral visit from one of the churches in your neighbourhood just contact us through our contact form and we can put you in touch.

The church plays a living and vital role in our town and reaches out to some of the many needs we see around us. If you think the church could help you or your area in some way then please let us know. Each week thousands of people gather across our town to worship together and we hope you'll join us and find it an enjoyable experience.


Download the list of churches

The latest available list of Worthing Churches and contact details is available, and may be downloaded from here   If you are aware of any changes, please contact us and we will make appropriate changes.  

List your church on this website

If you'd like to have your church listed on this website please contact us and we can arrange that for you. If you haven't got a church website or find it difficult to keep it up to date or looking good then is an ideal place to put your church website. All your news will be automatically fed to the home page so more people will read it and we've already designed it for you. Updating it is as easy as updating a word document and if you ever get stuck we're here to help. You'll also find it's alot cheaper than creating your own website as we've down alot of the hard work already. Some churches are already using this website as their main church page so why don't you join them!









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